Keeptime is a project related to a school project called "Het Bureau" in which we take on actual projects from customers. We had to do everything by ourselves, from the initial contact to planning meetings. And for those meetings, the school has a room available but there was no option to claim it for a meeting. That's where this system kicks in and you can make reservations for a selected room.

Ron Stoeltie

This is the website for one of our customers from our school project. Together with 2 others, we talked about the designs and WordPress features which would best suit Ron's needs. Ron also needed new pictures for his website. So since he is a radio DJ we went to his studio when he was broadcasting and shoot pictures while he was on the air.

Rijdt de trein? is a small project of mine in wich i learned how to use the NS API. It show if any trains are cancelled or if there is some kind of construction or big disruptions.


Track Your Stuff

Track your Stuff is a project where I am creating an online platform on which the school can manage its inventory of cameras, monitors, etc... In its current phase, the project is only used on one location but once it's ready enough we will release it to the official warehouse of the school.


Hoogvliet Sloopwerken B.V.

I converted their current website to a mobile version and updated some data since they don't have a CMS attached to their website. I also do maintenance for them like, adding new vacancy's and projects.

Time To Walk

Time To Walk is a website for a local company in Rotterdam that offers dog walking services.
Just a simple design and website.